WebSite Is Up And Running.

Well hello ever one, the website for Seeds Of Samhain is up and running. It still needs a little work but is be updated all the time so go check it out at

Well what is Seeds Of Samhain you might be asking? Well it is the game I am currently working. It is going to be a adventure rpg. Which means that there is a story line and ever thing but at the same time it does not follow the custom rpg design as level go here kill bad guys, level kill bad guys. In the game you will have quest you can do. These quest vary from killing monster to treasure seeking in dungeons. There is a story line in Seeds Of Samhain and the way the story line is progressed is by doing quest called plot quest. This quest are much harder then regular quest but the rewards are better also. Well if you want to know more about this game please go to the website at the top of this post.

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