Some Updated Info!

Shura_m_front_stand Well i made a post early about new things that will be up and coming. Below is a list of something of the new things that will be coming up :).  I hope you enjoy it.

Home Brewed Games(Not made in RMXP, OR RMVX)

Name of game – The Alchemist Quest.

Type of game – Adventure/RPG

Graphics of the game – 2D Game, text based.

Development phase – In design phase.


RMXP Up Coming Game Titles –

Seeds Of Samhain – Back in to development, after a long break in the development of the game.

The Alchemist Journey –  A game in the very early design phase.


RMVX Up Coming Game Titles –

Eternal Alchemy – A game in the semi design phase, I have a any idea about where and what I want this game to be. Just not sure if I am going to go the way I am thinking of it right now.


C#  Projects –

2D Visual Game Maker – Still in design phase, soon I shall be working on the GUI layout and code in the GUI.

Well there is the stuff I am currently working on. Stay tuned for updates on all of them.

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