Something Special

Hello everyone, well it is not even 25% designed but I want to see how everyone feels about the gui lay out so far. So I am going to post a link to the download the GUI layout, remember this is still being designed so the base code is very little done, and also the only button that will link to new things or. New Project and Also Game Database Characters.

To be able to view this program you must have the .net frame work 3.5. It will not wok with out this.

To down load the Demo GUI, here is the link.”

Please don’t post flaming comments, I am looking for feedback and also to see what everyone thinks about the layout so far.

3 Responses to Something Special

  1. bdaustrin says:

    Wow, I feel special to be the first to preview this. Maybe not? Oh well, here’s my thoughts:

    -Simple interface. I’m liking this, and I’m able to figure out where I’m going around here. Nothing seems confusing at all.
    -Very simple! I’m really liking how this appears to work. Can’t wait for the finished product!

    -On the “Character Graphic” tab, the “New” and “Delete” button don’t look aligned. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I think the “Delete” button is a bit higher than the “New” button
    -In my opinion, there needs to be a browse button when the user hits “New Project,” next to the Game Folder box.
    -Also on the “New Project” screen, I think it would be better to switch the “Cancel” button with the “Make my game” button.

    Final Thoughts:

    I am very impressed by this program. I am very excited to see more from you! Great work so far!

  2. 2dgamestudio says:

    thank you bdaustrin for the comments, and suggestions. I will re work the gui with the ur suggestions you made. Also if you dont mind, can you spread the news about this programe around.

  3. bdaustrin says:

    Spread it? Sure thing, I’ll do my best!

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