It feels good to be back.

Well I am back to go health and I am going to re start working on this blog and also my website and other project’s a lot more. Here is a list of things that or going on in the 2dgamestudio/2dgamegenerations world.

Projects to be finished in 2009/2010 –

Main Website for 2D Game Studio.

Tales Of Altis.

Crystal Guardians.

VGM Re Design Phase.

Projects to be in started -2010/2011

VGM(Visual Game Maker)

The main reason why VGM got pushed back is this,  I am only one coder and I don’t mind doing all the coding but, I need other skills on this project such as. Sprite Designer, Music Maker, Tile Set Designer, and some other things. But What I am saying is that I need a team to work with me on this project. I know I can make this game maker great I just need other people who share the same passion about it. If you would like to help send me a email at and let me know what talents you have and what you would like to offer to the VGM project?

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